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Only when playing casino games, you realize how much you really earn and spend. In Canadian casinos, time flies and so does the money. You look at the gambling news and see another guy who won a $1 million jackpot. But how do they do it? How do they make the money work for them, and not against? If these questions are what you ask yourself, then read on to find the answers.

We all know that reliable online casinos offer real chances to win money by playing games. High payouts, acceptable welcome bonuses and safety are to be found in casinos with a good reputation. If you don’t know which casino is a reliable one, or what criteria of the best casinos are, you are welcome to this site, which has all the necessary information about casinos and the online gambling world, in general. 

What You Are Doing Wrong

When you play for real money, you keep the interest because you use your own money. The risk and adrenaline take control of you during games. And when you win, you feel the relief and excitement at the same time. This is what keeps you coming back over and over again.  However, most of the time players can’t win back their losses and deposit again. This happens because of the wrong actions. 

First of all, it depends on the game you play. If you like slots, you are likely to stay at the same level when you repeatedly win and lose. There are two reasons for that: return to player (RTP) and the fact that slots require little-to-no skills. Let’s deep into the details.

You Don’t Know Game Payout

Typically, all slots have an average payout percentage of 95%. Some more, some less, but it’s never 100%. This percentage is an estimated amount of wagered money that is paid back to players. The remaining percent goes to the house (online casino). And if you think that 5% to the house is ok, then you are dead wrong. It’s a big amount because the RTP comprises all wagers made by all players throughout the game’s lifetime. 

There are games with a bigger payout, like 98% or even over 99%. What are these games? You know them as table games, including poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, the most popular ones. Surely, not all games of these categories have high payback, but the majority — yes, they do. That’s why it’s crucial to learn to play at least one of the table games. This leads us to the next reason. 

Insufficient Knowledge & Skills

Slots require no special skills to play. You need to bet and spin. But if we look at the blackjack table, you as a slot player would rather deny even trying. It’s because you may not want to think much after a long working day or whatever reason you have. Though their high RTP depends on the game rules. The more difficult the game, the higher its real money payback. 

Even the bonuses imply this. Have you noticed? Usually, bonus terms state that you can use the rewarded money for slots, but you can’t use them for table or live games. Or that they contribute as little as 10% of a wager towards wagering requirements. This is insane, but true. That’s why, if you use the bonus, play it in slots. But for the real money — play table games.

Claim Right Bonuses 

We don’t recommend that you claim a welcome bonus at the first online casino you meet on the Internet. Shop around because there are many better options. Visit different gambling sites, make sure they are safe, and read the bonus terms and conditions. Often, you will not like what you’ll see in the T&Cs. Some bonuses have huge wagering requirements of over 50 times, others don’t let you play it through live games. So be attentive.

Besides, there are many other casino offers, which are the best for real money play. Try to claim no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, reload bonuses, and take advantage of the seasonal offers. On holidays, online casinos tend to reward players with bigger and better bonuses than on regular days. 

Use Real Money Strategies

To play casino games for real money, you just need to find a few betting strategies. If you don’t know any, don’t worry, professional players have already done this for you. You can search through gambling forums or read gambling blogs like the one on Try to practice the strategies in a free mode, first. After this, you can log in and play the game for real money using strategies. 

Stay Safe When Playing For Real Money

Real money games are not a joke. You can’t spend all your money on casino games and be ok with that. Even high-rollers are not ok with that. They want to save and multiply their money, not just let them go down the wind. That’s why trust is still a major issue when someone is about to play games for real money. 

Before depositing (and signing up) at the casino, make sure this site is trustworthy. Don’t just let the casino assure you that the site is secure, prove it yourself. We recommend that our readers sign up at the legal and licensed online casinos. Make sure that it’s regulated by a reliable authority like Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or Kahnawake Gambling Commission (KGC). If your casino has a license, it should provide its number, its licensee, and the year of release.

Apart from the license, safety is provided by the security measures. All real money casinos must protect the customers’ banking details and personal data. The best way to secure it is using the SSL encryption, technology employed by the world banking institutions. Most casinos use 128 bit encryption, or higher, such as 256 and 1024 bit encryption. You can prove this by scrolling down the gambling site to find the seals of approval and other signs of employed technologies and services. 


Real money from online casinos is true. The question is if you are doing your best to win the money. Your successful payback depends on the casino itself: its security and legality. But the site is just a gambling platform where you can use your knowledge of games and strategic skills. Add here a wise usage of bonuses, and you will only lack a piece of luck for the big real money payout.