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Rating The Best Soccer Stadiums In The World

When talking about football most pay attention to the best players, matches, and goals. Little attention is paid to the fact that all of the above requires a stadium in order to function. Yes, stadiums are a big part of the game, even if they are often overlooked by fans and less hyped than no deposit bonus codes that are popping up all over the marketplace. This is a tribute to some of the truly incredible stadium designs around the world. 

Yes, all of these are being used today, even if some were built decades ago.

First National Bank Stadium – South Africa

Many of the best stadiums are noted for being bright, extravagant, and colourful. The First National Bank Stadium in South Africa is all of these things, but is somehow also amongst the most understated designs in the world. The exterior is a dazzling patchwork of rustic African colours, both eye-catching and deeply localised. Though, of course, the design doesn’t stop this from being a high-tech marvel. First established in 1989 the interior was dramatically renovated for the 2010 World Cup final. The stadium houses around 94,000 fans and is now amongst the most capable football venues in the world.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza – Italy

Look once, then look again. Yes, the Sadio Giuseppe Meazza has a truly baffling exterior design, though that probably has to do with the building being constructed in 1926. Though, make no mistake, this ancient architecture is home to some of the greats. AC Milan calls this stadium home, and that in itself should emphasise how modern the interior of this behemoth is. Stadio Giuseppe houses around 80,000 fans and hosted the Champions League final in 2002. 

Though, getting a spot at an Italian football match is more challenging than some fans might like. Many simply decide to stay home and play at a live casino online rather than face the crowds.

Allianz Arena – Munich

Now we’re getting to the truly innovative designs from more recent years. See the Allianz Arena from afar and you may believe you’ve stepped into a science fiction film. The exterior is entirely lit with an extraordinary display of light, with the colours changed to demonstrate which teams are playing. Though, interestingly, the interior can only house just over 70,000 fans. Bad news for those that are desperate to get a seat for some of the high profile games.

Wembley Stadium – London

It doesn’t get more grand, iconic, and downright extravagant than Wembley Stadium in London. Yes, this monstrous construction only went up in 2007 but has quickly become a symbol of football the world over. Of course the new design was constructed on the same ground as the previous 1923 Wembley Stadium. Only this time the absurdly large Wembley Arch was added, just in case fans couldn’t find the venue from the cheers alone.

Virtually all of the biggest games in Europe are held here, including the 2011 and 2012 Champions League final. In 2012 the final for Olympic football also took place on the same field. It’s little wonder that this is now commonly seen as the Home Of Football.