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Despite its limited land mass and resources, Singapore has achieved great transformation in recent decades. However, its disciplined planning and execution have been the two pillars of its success as a country. In addition, the Singapore Football Association’s (FAS) contribution to the sport also ensures the preparation of tomorrow’s players through the local implementation of the FIFA Football for Schools (F4S) program.

FAS’s support of Singapore’s youth was instrumental in the Ministry of Education’s decision to strengthen the program, making Singapore one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to implement it.

Keep reading this article; you will find the dynamics of football in Singapore!

Football for kids around the world 

This program was launched in 2019 by FIFA in collaboration with UNESCO. The F4S program aims to make football accessible to children worldwide, in line with football activities in the educational system, motivating young people with valuable life skills and competencies through football.

Therefore, F4S contributes significantly to improving children’s skills and even enhancing them. This means that letting them play football improves their techniques and abilities, thus encouraging positive social participation in infants.

The motivation comes from all of them, the government, FIFA, and the young people who want to play even though the climate in Singapore is only sometimes optimal. Besides football, there is a curriculum for young people who play, effectively combining education and football.

More girls are playing football in Singapore and around the world 

Alexandra Huete Ramos, FIFA Director of School Football, confirms that in Singapore, the support of the FAS, Ministry of Community, Culture, and Youth, Ministry of Education and Sport of Singapore, and other key stakeholders who were entirely on board with the program, has been part of the program’s success. 

In addition, the director added that Football for Schools, which increasingly involves female coaches and future players, is helping the Singapore national team to succeed. Also, it allows more girls to play football.

The development of Singapore’s educational and diplomatic relations also benefits the future of Singapore’s infants. Their belief in motivating children to play football with passion and dedication will make Singapore one of the strongest countries in international football in the future.

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