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For a golf player, there are different tools required to complete their golf gear. Sunglasses are one of those essential tools which can’t be compromised at any cost. Golf Sunglasses are not ordinary sunglasses that you consider buying for daily purpose. Instead, they have some unique traits and functionalities that help you perform better on the golf course.

So, here we are going to help you out with the best knowledge for buying Golf Sunglasses. The major selection of any sunglass depends upon two factors i.e. Frame Type & Lens Type. So, let’s filter them individually and get more knowledge about them.

Frame Type:  In this category, you need to consider a few essential points that will help you buy a good sunglass for your golf gameplay.

  1. Grip: Throughout your game, better-gripped sunglasses help you stay attentive towards your game. Most of the sunglasses made of golf use rubberized grips to provide a better hold. Temples and nose pads are the most common places that have a rubber grip for better holding on your face. Else, your glasses move each time you swing for the strike.
  2. Coverage: This is a vital point that buyers generally avoid while buying sunglasses. Most recommended sunglasses for golf have full wrap around your face. The reason behind is, a full wrap sunglass will limit the sunlight to target your eyes from any possible end. Also, the while at strike, you will require hitting the ball with chin-up. This will help you to see the ball through your full-wrap sunglasses.
  3. Fit-to-Face: Another factor that you should consider is the size of the sunglasses. Whether you are on or off the golf course, you will require comfortable sunglasses. Generally, straight temples and rubber nose pads & bridges are considered over other options that can provide you with full comfort after wearing for the entire day.

Lens Type: Another important category to consider is your lens type. Below are the points that you should consider in terms of lenses.

  1. Contrast: In golf course, depth perception is important for which you require a good contrast lens. Mostly lenses with rose, brown, copper and amber colour are highly considered. 
  2. Lens Colour: Colour is important depending upon your daily presence in the golf course. If you are too much into this game and spend most of your time on the ground, it’s important to have dark colour sunglasses that can protect you from sunlight.
  3. Polarized Lens: During the noon, sunlight comes directly from the top or the front. This creates hurdle in your gameplay. Polarised lenses work marvellously to restrict the sunlight entering your eyes and causing any sort of problem.

So, these are some important points which will help you to find the best sunglasses for golf. You can either surf online stores or find the list of top sunglasses with their complete knowledge. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the features/traits mentioned alongside, to avoid worthless investment on sunglasses.