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It’s the news we have all been waiting for. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has finally confirmed that he will be letting his contact with PSG expire at the end of the year and moving on. Given his affinity for the theatrics, it only makes sense that Zlatan has not let on as to where he will be headed. Maybe he doesn’t actually know.

Whatever the case, he has spoken before of MLS and his desire to one day play in the United States. The Swedish Behemoth has heralded New York City, Miami and Los Angeles as potential landing places, as any team not based in a big city is just too small for Zlatan.

That limits the options to three, assuming the move happens this summer. New York City FC, New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy. Each one offers its own unique perks to the striker and wherever he goes, that team will immediately be exponentially better. Believe it or not, there are some players that come around from time to time that are bigger than the difficulties of the game. Zlatan is one. You can guess who the other two are.

Without a doubt, this would be the biggest coup in MLS history. While big name guys like Steven Gerrard, David Villa, Andrea Pirlo and Thierry Henry have all made their way to the Premier league and made a strong, lasting impact, Zlatan is something different. Whatever stage he is on, he plays the lead role. There is no background for Zlatan to hide in. He’s too big for that. On the pitch and off it, he commands the public’s attention like no player of this era has.

To have someone like that in a blossoming league like MLS would push the league into the international spectrum and speed it’s progress up. Who wouldn’t want to play in a league where Zlatan plays?

There is still a chance that Zlatan makes a pit stop in the Premier League first. Arsenal and Manchester United are both keen on him and have a nice big opening where Zlatan would fit perfectly. If that it the order of business, Zlatan’s options could open up. A two year deal that ties him in until 2018 could give way to him coming to the MLS with David Beckham’s Miami and Will Ferrell’s LAFC already in MLS and ready to pay him a handsome sum to be the first face of their fine franchises.

Whatever the case, Zlatan is interested and as long as nothing goes tragically askew, there will be a time when Zlatan plays in the United States. That will be kind of a big deal.