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One of the key benefits that a punter can enjoy when they begin betting on soccer is the amount of choice that is available. From the events to the bookmakers to the range of bets that are available, there are not many punters around that complain of not having plenty of choice, and this is especially true when it comes to the kinds of bets that can be found offered by international bookies. 

For those bettors that are brand new to the scene and wanting to learn as much as they can about how to bet on soccer successfully, the first place to start is with the bets. Here we will list and break down some of the more popular bets available when wagering on soccer. 

The Full-Time Result

Singing up with a bookmaker is usually quick and simple, and one of the very first bets that a punter is likely to come across is the full-time result bet. The premise here could not be easier to understand. Money is put down on which team is most likely to win a specific match. 

The odds are low, along the rewards, but due to its popularity and simplicity, it’s a bet that every punter will have to give a go when they are first starting out. It’s important to remember that this bet also includes ties, which can happen frequently within a match, and it’s something that will be outlined by the bookie. 

Draw No Bet

Unlike the above bet, a draw no bet is built on the understanding that the one of the teams will win the game, and money is put on one of either team. 

In the event that the game does end in a draw, the wager will be forfeit by the bookie and the sum will be paid back to the punter. This is a relatively safe bet to start with as the margin of error is much lower, although punters can expect that returns won’t be quite as high as the other kinds of bets. 

The Correct Score Wager

Another popular choice when it comes to soccer betting is the correct score wager, and it’s one that most bettors will eventually want to try out as they become more experienced with the game. This does require a higher degree of research, especially if the bettor wants the best chance of finding success. 

Being able to predict the ultimate outcome of a game based on its score is something of a skill, but with the proper insight and prior research before making the bet, it’s something that can be refined and used to make returns on a more frequent basis. 

Prop Betting

Lastly, prop betting is another form of wager that’s popular among seasoned bettors, and it allows them to put their money down on different aspects of the game, although sometimes it’s worth taking a break and rather spending time with a great site like Crypto Thrills Casino

It might be related to which player or team claims the first goal, or which player is the most likely to receive a yellow or red card. Prop betting is limited only by the imagination of the bookie.