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As with other races, a lot of people love to gamble, they do it for fun, as a hobby, or maybe as their way of trying to increase their income. However, players are having a hard time finding a safe and reliable operator, as there are a lot of internet scams.

So, in this article, we would be listing the best online casinos, and clue you in on these sites, in order to help you choose the right website.

Top 5 Live Casinos

Looking for an online casino that gives real money isn’t that hard to find, but the problem is most of them doesn’t provide the best gaming experience. So, for players, we have listed the best live casinos that are not only safe and licensed, but you can also receive rupee payments and best gaming experience.

  1. Bet365

If you are looking for one of the leading betting sites on the internet, the bet365 just might be the place that you are looking for. With a wide selection of various functions and sports, the bet365 is surely a site that is worth trying out.

  1. 22Bet

22bet is an international betting website which was founded by people that has a passion for sports. As you enter this online casino, you’ll immediately feel like you’re entering in a modern betting site. The great thing about this site is that it’s accepting rupees, which is a good thing.

  1. Betway

If you are just a beginner in playing online casino games, then the Betway is one of the best live casino in india for beginners. Since there are more and more betting sites that are rising in the Indian market, new players are having a difficult time choosing a suitable site for them. Thankfully, there are still a lot of sites that are suitable for newbies.

  1. LeoVegas

Are you searching for an exceptional and authentic casino experience on a secure and reliable gambling site, which offers one of the best gaming experiences in mobile gambling? Then the LeoVegas is the best live casino sites for you. the only problem on this site is that it doesn’t offer any sports betting, which means you’ll only get to play various casino games.

  1. Unibet

This online casino site provides all the modern functions and games that you would expect from a great gambling site. Its platform is pretty straightforward, making it very for the players to navigate their way through the site. No matter what kind of game or sport that you are looking for, you can most likely find them all in Unibet. Therefore, take time exploring this betting site.


Choosing the best online casino can be difficult as every player has their own likes and priorities. Therefore, it would take some time for you to find the right betting site. But if you are dedicated tofinding the right gambling site for your own needs, you’ll have to try playing on a few sites to test out their platforms and how their rules apply to the game.