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1. Join A High-Performance Soccer Academy

Football academies are essentially boarding schools designed specifically for young elite athletes. These academies help them hone their skills and prepare them for competitive play at collegiate, semi-professional or professional levels. 

Just as you might have already guessed, soccer academies can be quite costly. However, if you have the means and are serious about becoming a pro soccer player, then attending such an academy will prove invaluable. 

The renowned academies have connections and hire very competent tutors and coaches. This not only increases one’s chances of playing soccer professionally, but the academy also provides a world-class education in a uniquely multicultural environment.

2. Attend a College-Based Summer Soccer Camp

Colleges offer College-based summer soccer camps, and they are open to players of all ages. From five years old, all the way to players who have just finished high school. These are a cheaper alternative to attending a high-performance soccer academy so you can find one that’s affordable enough for your family.

Better yet, these summer camps are structured differently. Some are day camps, thereby allowing you to commute from home, while others are residential, whereby you live on campus at the location of the camp.

All college-based summer soccer camps are run in accordance with NCAA rules and attendees will likely be trained by one of the college’s team coaches. The benefit of this is that one gets college-level training while they are still in high school, therefore improving their skills and discipline.  

Additionally, if you are an outstanding player and you get lucky, you can grab the attention of a college recruiter. You are thereby guaranteed a scholarship and a spot in your dream school.

3. Create A Promo Video of Yourself

We live in the age of high-speed internet, and viral videos are all the rage. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a professional soccer player, then why not make a killer video?

Having a good video showcasing your prowess makes it easier for interested parties to assess your skills. Such a video gives you exposure and could capture the attention of a recruiter or an agent, thereby increasing your chances of getting opportunities to join a team.

Need I remind you that Messi was discovered through a video? A well-shot 10-minute HD clip of yourself kicking a soccer ball around might be all it takes to earn you scholarships and invitations to try out with different clubs.

4. Train Smart

Training hard is essential when it comes to building your soccer skills. However, training smart is also of equal importance. What are you particularly good at? Which area are you particularly terrible at?

Elvis Presley built a very successful musical career, but did you know that he couldn’t read or write music? Then again, that’s music, so how about we dwell on sports. Shaquille O’Neal is among the greatest NBA players in history, but he is notoriously known for his awful free-throw shooting.

It is vital to be an all-rounded soccer player, but the fact is that every player has a unique set of skills. While working on improving your weaknesses, do not ignore your strengths. Work tirelessly to make your strengths second nature and make sure you showcase them whenever you get the chance.

5. Have A Burning Desire to Succeed

Coaches will continuously say that you are not good enough. Teammates will yell and scream at you. You will make many mistakes. The crowd will boo and jeer. You will always encounter a better player, and you might face countless rejection.

Through it all, whatever happens, no matter how you feel, never give in.

If you want to play professionally, and you know that you have what it takes, then do not let anyone talk you out of it. Train tirelessly, be on the lookout for opportunities and stay disciplined.